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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

June 1, 2017

Since I revamped my blog last month, I've gotten quite the surge of new viewers to The Write Track! Most of you know me pretty well, but in case you're wondering a little about me because you don't know me well, get ready to dive in! (But really, it's so hot here today I could canon ball into my neighbor's pool.) 1⁕  I have never broken a bone before.                Most people have at least sprained a body part during their lifetime, but I've only ever so much as knocked my ring finger too far to the side while catching a kickball in fifth grade. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance and when I've gotten really hurt, I just let things go back to normal naturally. Or maybe I'm a cyborg. I'm probably a cyborg. 2⁕  I used to be a janitor!                When I was 18 I got my first job at an amusement park in park services. My team was Housekeeping--essentially the park's bitch. For almost 12 hours each day, I cleaned up after 12-15,000 people, wiping toilets and sinks and walls, emptying trash and power washing locker room mats and the trash cans themselves. Once, I had to fish a sneaker out of a VERY full toilet with just my gloved hand. If my pain tolerance isn't very high, my strong stomach certainly prevails. It was awful. But it was one of the most humbling jobs I believe I could have ever had and I'm very lucky I got to experience such a low-totem pole job. It makes me appreciate what others in similar fields do regularly, and what jobs I have had since. (Cashier, student, writer, blogger. Literally, they really keep getting better.) 3⁕  An extrovert I am not.                I think my peers might say I'm pretty loud. Like, VERY loud. I have a naturally loud laugh and I'm unapologetic about raising my voice whenever I want to, so long as it's in the right place at the right time. I love to make people laugh and I want to be heard when I am speaking. But inside, I'm reserved. I try to think before I speak, and sometimes even overthink. Whether or not it works? You tell me. But I would definitely much rather spend all day by myself doing my own thing than go anywhere a bunch of people will be. I shiver at the thought. 4⁕  I've never played any sports.                My parents weren't the kind to put my sister and I in soccer or karate. I think they knew that even as kindergarteners we were not athletic. My sister cried because she felt bad for stepping on the grass, and I ducked any time a ball was thrown within fifty feet of me. And if my parents did ask if we were interested, we said no. I have really never like the outdoors or being active when I don't especially want to be. I danced for about two years when I was in elementary school, but, I wouldn't count that. 5⁕   I've traveled all the way across the country, but never outside of it.                In college, I flew to Los Angeles for a writing conference with a group from my school. It was wonderful. I'd been to Florida to Disney when I was in seventh grade, but there is something about the beach and the palm trees and the sunset in California that is just unlike that in Florida. Hollywood, Santa Monica, was magical in ways Disney just wasn't. I'll be traveling to South Carolina this summer, but you will not catch me outside the United States. Not in this day and age. Uh-uh. 6⁕   I used to think I'd be an art major in college.                When I was in middle school, I found my true passion in art of all kinds. Play dough flowers were sculpted like I was a pro molding fondant roses in a Parisian bakery. A wooden stand-up easel my dad bought for me, equipped with an endless roll of drawing paper that was half-used up a year later became my only "toy." I was encapsulated by the act of creating things, and won several art awards in school. I was convinced that my talent would take me to art school one day because I loved it SO much, but in fifth grade, I wrote my first short story... 7⁕   I don't watch TV or movies.                Okay. I USED to be a big television-watcher as a kid, getting up at 7 every weekend morning to watch tons of things before my parents got up. I loved movies beyond Disney and comedies like Everybody Loves Raymond--stuff my parents watched, mostly. But in high school I found I had less and less time to sit in front of the TV, and by the time I was in college, I would go months without ever turning the TV in my dorm room on. I would see the occasional movie at the theater in college, but for years now, the only things I watch are ELR, The Big Bang Theory, and movies I find On Demand.  Even Netflix has never appealed much to me.  8⁕   I'm 21 years old. Yes, really.                For most of my life, people have told me I look and act older than I am, and I'm totally cool with that. I think being an introverted person who just observes and always follows the rules has just naturally made me seem mature, but I've never purposely tried to grow up too fast. Some people in college thought I was a year above them when they met me, but, strangely enough, I very often don't get carded. Probably because my face shows how uncomfortable alcohol makes me when I'm at a bar or in a liquor store with friends.  9⁕   I love cats. All cats. YOUR cat.                This one doesn't need explanation. You just need to know.  10⁕   This blog has made me SO happy.                   When I started The Write Track in November 2016, I was determined to keep up with it, but I admit, I fell off the wagon after a few weeks; but I rediscovered my love for writing for the public this winter when boredom set in and I remembered, hey, I have a website...may wanna check up on that. Since I gave The Write Track a whole new look with the mission to share my writing and life with others, I've realized that blogging just might become my own little business. We shall see...!  I hope that if you didn't know, now you know. Tell me about yourself in the comments below, or ask me questions!

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