Monday Motivation

Sometimes you feel unmotivated. Sometimes you wonder how long you can put off a monotonous project. Some days you awake and think, "I've got time, there's no worries," and that that "thing" you have to or want to do will get done eventually. Just five more minutes. Then, I'll get up and do that thing.       Sometimes we take advantage of the time we've got, and sometimes we move too fast, rushing to get things done around the house or do that one thing we've always dreamed of doing (moving to a big city? Drool.) before we lose the nerve to act.       But we have to remember that time is on our side if we use it wisely.        There is no rush to grow up. There is no rush to get through your education. There is no rush to do the things you want to do so you can just get to that point in life as quickly as possible, and then maybe you'll finally be happy. And there is no reason to keep putting important things off.        That grocery shopping you have to do for the party this weekend? Do it now, while you're thinking about it. Write up a list on your phone so you won't lose it. Make a coffee to go, grab your car keys, and get to the market. That paper or project or report for which the Friday deadline is looming close to you? Shut off Netflix, sit at your desk, and spread out with everything you need. Put on some beats and get to work.       There's simply no better time than now to do all things your life requires of you. Life doesn't care what time it is, or what month it is, or how much or how little you want to do something. Even if you neglect your duties--put off grocery shopping or procrastinate on that report--life will go on with or without you. Life and time are good buddies, and they don't discriminate. They are intertwined like ancient lovers and they're not waiting up for you to, pardon my language, get your shit together.        So don't wait to do all the things on your great life's To Do list. The time will always be now. And even if there is a little to spare, use that wisely, too. Use it to better yourself, to practice self-care, to make a healthy snack, to call up a friend who could really use one right now. Make the time for the things you won't always have time to do. Pick wildflowers on your way to work, even when you're running late. Volunteer somewhere with people or animals for whom time is especially precious.       Our lives are so dependent on time that we forget when we should be acting on our dreams and responsibilities, regardless of what the clock and calendar say.       Your To Do list says "now" and your big-city move says "or never."            Good Luck,            ♡ Olivia

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