My Must-Haves for Everyday Life

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

There's not too much to explain here!        Everyone's got their slew of must-haves during a regular work day... whether it's your thermos of black coffee that gets you through every meeting, your favorite watch that saves you an eyeball from the teacher every time you're caught looking at the clock, or a snack at your desk for when the 3pm slump rolls around.        For me, there are 10 things I know I couldn't sit at my desk for a day of at-home work without. Check them out!        1. My laptop            

This one's kind of a given... since I currently work from home as a freelance writer, I pretty much NEED my computer to function. I've got a ton of emails to answer each day, and it's where all my important saved documents and notes are for work and internships. Lately, my laptop is equipped with my iTunes playlist at the ready, a word document always open and blank, and about a hundred tabs open on my browser with websites I'm working on, my blog, my social medias, and a YouTube video playing in the background. Gotta have my charger, too! That thing's always plugged in because some days, I don't part from my screen for hours!        2. Water & coffee            

I always feel incomplete without something to drink while I'm working away at my desk or on my bed or couch. I'm kind of an H20 freak, and drink about six to seven full glasses of iced water a day. It's so important to stay hydrated, even while your mind is occupied elsewhere. Plus, I don't want to have to get up every time I'm thirsty, so it's super convenient to have some with me. Some days, it's a necessity to also have a bug mug of freshly brewed coffee or a mason jar of iced coffee, too. Hey, I'm only (a working) human!        3. A salad            

During the day, one of my favorite meals is a big pile of greens! I really couldn't live without fresh vegetables and fruits to fuel me. One of my favorite things to make and have on hand is a big plate of salad. I like mixing spring greens and spinach, bell peppers, carrots, hummus, nuts and seeds, beans, and a drizzle of my own dressing! Vegan lunches are my go-to when I'm working because they require limited ingredients, so I don't have to think too much about it. I just throw a bunch of veggies together and serve with a side of berries or an orange. Yum!         4. A good pen            

Maybe I'm just weird, but does anyone else just need a good pen at their side at all times? I swear it's not just because I'm a writing freak! I like having my favorite pen with me while I'm working because sometimes I prefer pen and paper to my laptop, but I'm also constantly making lists and writing reminders for myself on Post-Its, so it's nice to have a pen that feels nice, writes nice, and that makes you smile every time you use it! Okay, maybe I am weird...! But my favorite pen OF LIFE is the Pentel R.S.V.P Ballpoint Fine Tip in black!         5. My journal or notepad            

Of course, I need to have some paper with me. I don't like just grabbing whatever scrap paper is near once I need to write something down. It's imperative that I have my journal or favorite lined notepad at the ready, usually right beside my laptop, my Pentel pen resting right on top! Everyone needs paper at their work space for jotting down phone numbers, phone messages, ideas, to-dos, and even for doodling! I'm currently using a really pretty journal from Markings for 9 bucks at Wal-Mart, and I'm also loving the traditional legal notepads for list-making!         6. A good book            

Sometimes I need a break from my computer work and from all the creative projects I'm working on, and there's no better way to relieve that stress than picking up a good read! I like contemporary novels because they're easy reading and allow me to totally veg out while reading. Anything too heavy and with too many characters and chapters is out--I like to read for fun especially now that I have time (yay for being done with school forever!) and now that it's summer. Usually I'll take my book outside and read on the deck in the sunshine. Right now, I'm re-reading Melissa Falcon Field's What Burns Away, which she actually signed when I met her at UMF!         7.  Tissues              

Okay, I know this one's a little weird. But I like having some tissues on my desk because I'm a constant nose-blower! Especially because I've been getting over a cold lately, I've got to have some on hand! Anyone else? Anyone?!        8. My cell phone            

I'd definitely call myself one of those people whose phone is always in her hand. I'm addicted to it, no doubt! I love just surfing the web on my phone when I'm bored, waiting in line, on a road trip, and I have it on my desk whenever I'm working, where it's usually playing Spotify and buzzing with texts and emails.         9. Cats            

It really helps to have a cat keeping me company while I'm at my desk, working away! When my sister's cat lived with us, he'd sometimes curl up right on my laptop while I was working, or sit beside me on my bed and mess up my papers and notebooks! It's really nice to have a Blogging Buddy! Lately, I find that company in Belle, our 8 year-old tabby. Currently, she's sleeping on the top of the couch above my head, snoring. Regardless of what I'm doing at home, my cats are simply the perks of my day. Purrrfect.         10. Comfy clothes              

Anyone who knows me probably knows I'm not the dressy type. In fact, I only own one pair of jeans and I have tons of cute statement necklaces I never wear. Getting dressed "nice" has just never been my style. I don't walk around like a slob, don't get me wrong, but I'm a huge comfort freak. I love wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt in summer, and leggings or yoga pants and sweatshirts when it's cold--you could say I like to be comfortable over looking amazing and put-together. I like something I can just throw on in the morning, and be so comfy in that wherever I am, I'm not absolutely DYING to take it off. Tight jeans, itchy sweaters, chokers and clanky bangles or high heels? No thank you!             P.S.           💗 Even though I love having these things with me at work or around the house on a lazy day, I know these things are privileges I'd never take for granted. Sometimes, it can be hard scrolling through Instagram and YouTube, seeing the things others have... money, expensive bags, fancy stationary and pens, pricey and the latest technology, cute coffee mugs... and feeling jealous that I don't have the things I'd LOVE to have, if only I had the money, the space, the motivation, the life for them...                  But you are so incredibly okay with what you have, so long as you are making it work! That's what I try to remember when I feel like what I've got isn't enough, or notice that I'm putting too much emphasis on the material things I have. Normally, all it takes is one glance over at my sleeping, sweet cat to remember that I CAN live without the material things.  Are there any things YOU just can't live without? Please share in the comments or send me an email, I'd love to get some ideas and see what you guys love!       ♡ Olivia 

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