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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

One of my favorite things to do is make a cup of coffee and sit down with my phone or laptop, and pull up YouTube. Even though I don't actually make videos--or post anything at all--I LOVE watching other peoples' videos. A common question those close to me ask is, "what do you watch?" I've compiled a list of my favorite YouTube channels I view on a regular basis.  Keep in mind, I'm subscribed to a variety of channels which post different content...check out my go-to YT creators!

Lifestyle Videos

Kalyn Nicholson  I've been following Kalyn for a few years now, and I love her channel! She does everything from vlog-style "Coffee Talks," advice and Q&As, DIYs and How-Tos, style and beauty videos, and takes us with her around her apartment in Toronto. I always find something encouraging on Kalyn's channel, and she preaches embracing change, fear, and success... all the things I'm feeling in my life right now. Follow her vlog channel, too, More Of Kalyn on YouTube! Cambria Joy This channel is my go-to for a pick-me-up. Cambria is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger out of California, and her content is some of the most comprehensive, helpful, and genuine that I've seen. On her channel, find videos that will help motivate you to get healthy the right way, as well routine videos, healthy recipes, and boosts of confidence! She also hosts a vlog channel called CambriaJoyVlogs!  Ingrid Nilsen AKA missglamorazzi, Ingrid is a lifestyle YouTuber with a host of helpful videos about health, sexuality, positivity, routines, and beauty tutorials. The channel features her fluffy cat, Nugget, and the occasional cheesy punchline. This channel is a must-add to your subscription list if you want original content! Megan Parken Previously meganheartsmakeup for those of us who have followed her since the beginning in early 2012, Megan is a creator who makes videos about everything beauty, advice, travel, and personal stories. She is down-to-earth and her videos are so comforting--it's always nice to know a twenty-something woman is going through the same things and having the same thoughts as I am!  Nicole Guerriero Nicole's channel has become very vlog-heavy, and I am in love! A previously beauty-only YouTuber, she now posts vlogs where we sing in the car with her, and watch her cats hop around the camera lens while she films. She's beautiful, successful, and strong... the perfect motivator for bad days! Sarah Rae Vargas Talk about inspirational! Sarah is a mom of two with a sassy attitude and a dedication to making videos about fashion, sexual health, beauty, and body positivity. We see her vlog with her kids, her family, and she has so many helpful advice playlists. A great channel from a hilarious lady! Katherout Katherine Barry is a college vlogger and YouTuber who motivates and inspires students to have fun at school and work hard. She's got study tips, job and interview advice, everyday vlogs, and was a major source of comfort and information for me when I was in college! Plus, her channel name is too punny. Comedy Good Mythical Morning  GMM is the hub of comedy, experiments, and Will-Its for "internetainers" Rhett and Link, who have been making content on YouTube for over ten seasons of the web show. They are absolutely hysterical. They have helped me through my anxiety and depression for the last couple of years as I truly have made them a part of my daily routine. Viewers have demanded more content from the duo, and they delivered... subscribe to their other channels on YouTube: This Is Mythical, Rhett & Link, and Good Mythical MORE.  Popular News Pop Trigger If you know me, you know I don't keep updated on pop culture. However, when I found Pop Trigger, I subscribed pretty quickly. New episodes are uploaded daily, and the hosts talk about the latest trends, news, movies, and celebrities, without the fluff of regular daytime news outlets. Host Grace Baldridge even recently launched her own fascinating series on the channel called Murder With Friends...check those episodes out on Pop Trigger! Have any YouTube recommendations? Leave a comment below! 

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