Research and Scholarship

What Conversation Are We Having?

"Dying, Egypt, Dying!"

“O, Sweet Coz”

On Noses and Penises, On Minds and Storytelling

To Speak Up is to Speak Out

Making the Most out of Biculturalism

Dancing Around God

An Excerpt: In the Style of Sterne’s Tristram Shandy

Spiders in Legends and Movies… Oh, My!

Love is Patient,

Love is… Complicated

The Sotomayor-Gingrich Controversy

Manfred vs. The Freudian

Religious Influence in 1950’s Maine and the Farmington State Teacher’s College

A Demon, A Ghost, The Villain

Of Ecstacy and Grief

The Vastness and Strangeness of Nature

The Fate of the War

Web of Lies

When Words Fail

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